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Developing skydiving promotional goods is (unfortunatelly…) not our main occupation. Before we created this website, we had already worked and played (and still we do in some) a bit in the skydiving, rigging, aviation, military, promotion and trading industries.
But we are “here” from more than 17 years.

Nowadays, we can display you some numbers we are proud of:

PULLUPCORDS produced for skydivers all around the globe

SWOOBLADES delivered to indicate wind and landing direction

VARIOUS SKYDIVING GIFTS we made to make skydivers smile

COMPLAINTS claimed in more than 17 years (and solved, of course)

JUMPS WE DIVED and it's not over!

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everything started in 2001

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This site contains many graphic design elements, logos and product photos. Some of them are our own, and some are owned by by the relevant companies/organizations/people. Our usage here is only for presentation of our products and designs purposes. If somebody doesn’t want his identity to be seen here, please contact us.

Most of the skydiving photos used here are courtesy of Jacek “Grabarz” Grabowski – one of the best skydiving photographers in Europe.
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